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The computer that is set up in the family room will become a “kiosk” type logon for family use to check email, etc. when they are here with a critical patient and using the family room.
 EMS will be assigned a laptop for their documentation.   The laptop will be kept at the charge desk and will be for EMS documenting use only. This will give EMS the flexibility to find an unoccupied area to document with needed computer access.
 Currently the computer in the EMS room is set up with a generic login for EMS and is being left logged in with patient information available for viewing by whoever uses that computer.  This is a privacy issue.
   The laptop will be setup with the same generic login that EMS is currently using but will be secure. 


Thanks to those who helped with the October psychomotor exam in Northfield.

EMS District Six Exam is being held on Saturday, October 13th
The time has come once again for our annual District Six practical examination.  And once again, we are looking for help from all services!  It is the expectation that every D6 service with provide personnel to help.

The next EMS District Six Exam is being held on Saturday, October 13th at the Northfield High School.  Participants should arrive by 8:30am and must not be on duty for an ambulance service.  I am projecting that everyone should be clear by no later than 4:30pm.

We are projecting 50+ candidates of EMR / EMT / AEMT levels due to Vermont EMS cancelling or closing multiple exams in the past couple months.  WE NEED A LOT OF HELP, especially Advanced EMTs and Paramedics!  As before, all participants will be PAID a stipend for their participation.  The rates are the same as previous Saturday exams, which is outlined below.  On top of this, light breakfast and lunch will be provided at the start.  

·         Evaluators (20) - $100

·         EMT Assistants (4) - $80

·         Simulated Patients (12) - $80 {Can be unlicensed; must be 16 y/o or over}

·         Dispatcher (1) - $100

·         Runners (2) - $80 {Can be unlicensed; must be 16 y/o or over}

Remember that each of us has been through this process during our EMS career.  These Norwich students have worked hard this semester and will be ready!  Remember how important a proper and professional environment is for an EMS student examination.  Just as the evaluators were there for us, we need to be there for our next generation of EMS brethren.

Please e-mail Scott Bagg at if you willing and able to help out. MANY Thanks to Lawton Rutter for his time that he served as the chair and  keeping the district to going forward.  

2018/19 Leadership
The following officers were elected/appointed at the annual meeting, April 25th.
Chair.  Mark Podgewaite 
Vice Chair.   Chris LaMonda 
Treasure  Laurie Beth Putnam 
Secretary.  Sheila Brown
Training Coordinator.  Scott Bagg
Medical Advisor.   Jared Blum, MD

Meetings will be on even months for the full board, second Tuesday at 7pm with the Exec Board to meet monthly to take care of the fiscal aspect of running the district.  

Please submit your calendar items to:

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