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Revised 2019 Handoff Template

If you would like a custom copy of the handoff, with required service name, address and phone #  typed in, please email your request to

The District 6 Board Meetings     

The Vt EMS District #6 Board meets the second Tuesday of EVEN numbered Months At Central Vermont Medical Center

NEXT VAD 6  Board Meeting 
** Cancelled
Feb 12, 2019 @ 1900

Head of service or delegate from each service required to attend per VT EMS Rules.

Rescheduled for 3/12/19 @1900

MCI drill

Howie reports drill will take place on April 6, 2019, 0900 at Mount Ellen.  


HospitalNet:  Up and running!  All services may now complete their SIREN run reports and the hospital will pull them directly from the website – No More Faxing your PCRs!  CVMC is pulling them within 72 hours of the call.  Anything later than 7 days the HOS will receive notification that a run is missing.

VT EMS District 6, PO Box 01, Northfield Falls, VT 05664-0001

Center Learn Reminder:

All EMS providers are required to maintain a center learn account.  Protocols are being updated, online training will soon be assigned, so please log in, check your status and contact your training officer/head of service if you have difficulty.


The District 6 Mission Statement     
"To coordinate quality pre-hospital care in a patient centered system through education, cooperation, and commitment”

Radio Transmission to CVMC 

Dr. Blum and Jess Cullen would like us to shorten our radio reports in order to free up the air for other services.  They just need “initials and DOB” and enough information to assign the patient appropriately upon arrival.  Both radio air-time and charge nurse attention is both valuable and Dr. Blum/Jess want to use both effectively.  Jess provided the format below that could be used for our radio reports.  Please see Dr. Blum or Jessica Cullen (in the ED) if you have questions.

District 6 Radio Report
A: Initials/DOB
B: Chief Complaint
C: Vitals
D: Critical Findings
    e.g.: hypoglycemia
    EKG abnormalities
    stroke findings
E: Interventions provided

CPR card prices increasing

We have been notified by the American Heart Association and our distributor that the cost of eCards is going up.  Unfortunately, we have to pass this cost increase onto our instructors, as it would cost our Training Center money if we kept it the same.  This will be the first rise we have had in BLS cards in many years. 

As of January 1st, 2019, the cost for e-Cards for our Training Center Instructors will be $6.00/each for BLS/ACLS/PALS cards and $20.00/each for all Heartsaver Cards, with the exception of K-12 cards which will be $2.50/each.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail

Save the date

District Training with Jared Blum MD

April 15, 2019, 6:30 to 8:30

2019 VT EMS D6 meeting minutes LINKS

2019 -Per Dr Blum:  Please provide a copy of your handoff form to MD/PA/NP who will be seeing your patient and to the nurse with your bedside report.  

           Continue to keep a copy to use when completing your siren report.




Please stop at Charge Station on arrival for patient to answer a few questions about name and date of birth.

EMT class starting Jan 21st at Norwich university.  

Link:  Education & training page

93 of  D6 EMS providers out of 369 are trained in
High-Performance CPR

​If you are a D6 EMS provider who has not completed the required High Performance CPR training, please check with your head of service for training compliance opportunities. 

EMS/ ED case reviews  
First annual ED/EMS case reviews. We will be running through cases from the prehospital side of things with the ED Docs. It will be at: 
Conference Room 1/2.
Central Vermont Medical Center.
March 13th, 2019.
7:30 AM.

Please send Jared cases if you have any that you would like to review.  Attendance limited.