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Center Learn Reminder:

All EMS providers are required to maintain a center learn account.  Protocols are being updated, online training will soon be assigned, so please log in, check your status and contact your training officer/head of service if you have difficulty.


2018 -Per Dr Blum:  Please provide a copy of your handoff form to MD/PA/NP who will be seeing your patient and to the nurse with your bedside report.  

           Continue to keep a copy to use when completing your siren report.


Radio Transmission to CVMC 

Dr. Blum and Jess Cullen would like us to shorten our radio reports in order to free up the air for other services.  They just need “initials and DOB” and enough information to assign the patient appropriately upon arrival.  Both radio air-time and charge nurse attention is both valuable and Dr. Blum/Jess want to use both effectively.  Jess provided the format below that could be used for our radio reports.  Please see Dr. Blum or Jessica Cullen (in the ED) if you have questions.

District 6 Radio Report
A: Initials/DOB
B: Chief Complaint
C: Vitals
D: Critical Findings
    e.g.: hypoglycemia
    EKG abnormalities
    stroke findings
E: Interventions provided


Help wanted  March 3rd

EMS District Six and EMS District Eight are doing a “Co-District Exam”, which will be held on Saturday, March 3rd at the Northfield High School.  Participants should arrive before 8:30am.  We are projecting 30-40 candidates of various levels (EMR to AEMT).  

As before, all participants will be PAID a stipend for their participation.  The rates are the same as last summer and fall, which is outlined below.  On top of this, light breakfast and lunch will be provided.  At this time, we are not looking for simulated patients, as we will be utilizing NU EMT course students.

VT EMS District 6, PO Box 01, Northfield Falls, VT 05664-0001

The District 6 Mission Statement     
"To coordinate quality pre-hospital care in a patient centered system through education, cooperation, and commitment”

The District 6 Board Meetings     

The Vt EMS District #6 Board meets the second Tuesday of EVEN numbered Months At Central Vermont Medical Center

Virginia Caffin Award Nominees wanted by April 1st

Please spread the word!  Virginia Caffin Award Nominees wanted by April 1st.  Minimum 150-word paragraph describing your nominee's accomplishments required.  Links to policy along with a list of previous recipients below.  We would like to see new nominations.  We feel it is important to recognize someone new every year. 

VAD6 VCAward Recipients prior to 2018.pdf     VAD6 VCaffinAwardPolicy.pdf

Updates from recent VAD#6 Board Meeting
Guest Cindy Bruzzese of the Vermont Ethics Committee, on the work of her group concerning COLST paperwork, changes to the Vermont DNR and Advanced Directive forms.   There’s an effort underway to improve, standardize, and streamline the paperwork—to reduce errors and misunderstandings about patients’ wishes for end of life care.  Efforts are also underway to roll out a standardized and legally-proper DNR bracelet, similar to a Med-Alert bracelet.

Dr. Jared Blum reminded all services of the need to include Vital Signs in the SIREN reports.   These should be entered in the Vitals part of the Assement screens, not just written in the Narrative.

CVMC ER asked that crews NOT roll stretchers through the “kitchenette” space in the ED (sanitation concerns, as there is food there).   Reminder from the lab, blood tubes’ labels need to include the Service, provider initials, TIME sample drawn.  Patients complain of giving med list to ambulance crew and not getting it back.  Please make copies needed (for with handoff, to nursing, to use when completing run report) and return original med list to patient/family.

Norwich EMT class is ongoing, Williamstown may be offering an EMR class starting in late May or early June.

VTEMS NEW PROTOCOL TRAINING  still pending, once released services will have 90 days to have members complete required training.  See VT EMS website for new protocols.

Planning for MCI drill somewhat fizzled with low turnout at tabletop exercise.  Planning to try again in the Fall 2018.  All services should attempt to send a representative.

​District Bylaws updated, copy to website pending.

​Next meeting, April 11    Annual meeting, election of officers.


Please stop at Charge Station on arrival for patient to answer a few questions about name and date of birth.

Revised 2017 Handoff Template

If you would like a custom copy of the handoff, with required service name, address and phone #  typed in, please email your request to